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Aeries Parent Portal

Update emergency information and check attendance.


Download sports forms and health information waivers.

Bell Schedule

View the bell schedule for all students.


Ride the bus to the Almond Acres campus.


Reference the instructional calendar.


Connect with teachers, staff, and other families.


Get involved with our version of a PTA– the Program Site Council.


View the monthly menu.  Lunch is FREE for all students.

Spirit Wear

Order t-shirts and sweatshirts that show your school spirit!


View uniform guidelines or participate in a uniform exchange .


Boundaries Policy

View expectations regarding student and staff interactions.

Discipline Matrix

Review the discipline plan that helps redirect student behavior.

Good Citizenship

Download our no bullying contract that encourages citizenship.

Family Handbook

Learn the basics of our school’s infastructure and guidelines.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

See how we provide support in three tiers.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Review the matrix for PBIS.

Safe School Plan

Explore the programs and strategies that promote safety.

SELPA Local Plan

View the Special Education Local Plan Area documentation.

Volunteer Handbook

Make a difference by sharing your time and talents with our youth.

Wellness Policy

Discover how we address nutrition and physical activity at our school.













Ride the Bus

Bus service is provided for FREE this year.  The bus is currently full.  To add your name to the waitlist, email

Bus Schedule


6:55am, San Miguel Park (12th & K St.)

7:10-7:15am, Paso Robles (24th & Park St.)

7:25-7:30am, Barney Schwartz Park

7:40am, Almond Acres Charter Academy



3:05pm, Almond Acres Charter Academy

3:10-3:15pm, Centennial Park (YMCA)

3:25am-3:30pm, Barney Schwartz Park

3:45-3:50pm, Paso Robles Youth Arts Center 

4:05pm, San Miguel Park (12th & K St.)



2:20pm, Almond Acres Charter Academy

2:25-2:30pm, Centennial Park (YMCA)

2:40am-2:45pm, Barney Schwartz Park

3:55-4:00pm, Paso Robles Youth Arts Center 

3:10pm, San Miguel Park (12th & K St.)



Breakfast & Lunch

Free breakfast and lunch are available to all students.

Food will be prepared at an off-site location by the Paso Robles School District.  Food orders will need to be placed by 8am the day before.  Place orders on Parent Square using the order form provided.

Breakfast for those who order will be available in the quad area from 7:30am-7:55am.

Uniform Guidelines

The complete guidelines for uniforms can be found in the Family Handbook.  While uniform polos should be purchased from our uniform vendor, all other apparel can be purchased from the vendor of your choice.

Uniform assitance is available for families experiencing financial hardship.  Please contact the office for more information.


Shirts are blue, red, yellow, or polos (short or long sleeve) with the school logo. 

For added warmth during cold weather, a long-sleeved black, white, gray, or navy shirt may be worn underneath.  

Shirts must be tucked into pants, shorts, etc.


The bottom color choices are navy and khaki and can be purchased from a retailer of your choice.

Pants may not be denim or cargo style.

Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be aproximately knee-length.

Leggings/tights may be worn under skirts, shorts, or jumpers and must be white, gray, black or navy.


Shoes need to be closed-toe and good for running and playing (no open-toe or platform style). Flat heeled boots are acceptable, but they may not be UGG style.

All boots, excluding rain boots, must be a neutral color.  Shoes should primarily be white, navy, black, gray, or dark brown.

Socks must be worn at all times and should be white, navy, black, or gray.


Plain navy blue or white sweatshirts and sweaters (no logos or decals, with the exception of the school logo) are permitted in the classroom.  Heavier winter jackets (no specified color) are acceptable outside as needed.

Hats should be navy with the AACA identification.  During cold weather, beanies are allowed as long as they are navy and have the AACA identification. Hats and beanies are not allowed to be worn indoors.  All outerwear is available for purchase using the link below.


Belts are encouraged.  If worn, they must be plain brown or black.

Fake nails, make-up, and large pieces of jewelry are not appropriate for school.

Earrings must be post/stud type for safety reasons and should not exceed two per ear.

Hair should be natural color.

Temporary tattoos of any kind are not allowed.

Additional Info

Clothing must be clean, neat, un-torn and appropriately sized.  Extreme bagginess or tightness of clothing is unacceptable.

If your child is not following the dress code, parents or guardians will be called and/or a written warning that details the uniform infraction will be made.

Parents/guardians will be expected to bring appropriate clothing to the child, or they may be outfitted in a borrowed AACA uniform.

Uniform Swap

The AACA Uniform Swap gives families a way to trade outgrown uniforms with other AACA families in order to save from buying costly new uniform pieces.

The Uniform Swap is scheduled twice per year. During the event, the swap inventory will be displayed, and families can shop for their upcoming needs!

Additionally, families frequently gift or sell uniforms on a private Facebook group page called Our Charter School Family.