Faculty & Staff

A Word

From Our Director

As a parent and educator, I believe that every child can succeed, but success looks different for every child. Parents and educators are there to guide each child on their individual journey to discover personal success, growing them in both their strengths and struggles along the way.

– Jeff Cadwallader

Our Teachers

Maddy Birch


Jeffrey Smith


Wendy Woodard

1st Grade

Megan Zettle

1st Grade

Kathy Hanson

2nd Grade

Cory Houdyshell

2nd Grade

Francisco Campoverde

3rd Grade

Rena Spooner

3rd Grade

Heather Rosenblum

4th Grade

Dena Vertrees

4th Grade

Hannah Clingerman

5th Grade

Jaymee Medieros

5th Grade

Veronica Surber

Middle School ELA

Monica Poudrier

Middle School Math

Lesley Thompquist

Middle School Math

John Wilson

Middle School Science

Constantino Delgado

Middle School Social Science

Sean Sommerville


Joe Peckham

At-Home Academy

Michele Miller

Education Specialist

Our Support Staff

Amy Baker

Program Director

Amber Wilkerson

Special Education Director

Carrie Fiel

Curriculum Director

Amy Brabenec

Program Coordinator

Yvette Soliven

Special Education Coordinator

Leo Castillo

Campus Supervisor

Leslie Almaguer

Administrative Assistant

Erin Colegrove

Administrative Assistant

Noemi Bayer


Murline Nelson


Edith Puga


Priscilla Cota

Support Teacher

Ashley Dritsas

Support Teacher

Cassie Flores

Support Teacher

Claire Fundaro

Support Teacher

Devon Grey

Support Teacher

Shiloh Hamon

Support Teacher

Dianey Perez

Support Teacher

Aurora Ruiz

Support Teacher

Mattas Kepins

Support Teacher

Taliyah Thomas

Support Teacher

Vince Walla

Support Teacher

Marikin Ziegler

Support Teacher

Yolanda Goldammer

Food Services

Nathaniel Slawson

Support Teacher/Bus

Eduardo Alvarez


Dylan Fiel

Custodial/Campus Supervision

Claudia Renteria

School Psychologist

Missy Arseneau

Speech Pathologist

Katie Chappell

Assistant Speech Pathologist


Shantal Gonzalez

Occupational Therapist

Carl Raggio

Business Manager

Bob Bourgault


Random Public DrawingThursday, March 25th at 6pm

Join us via Zoom for a random, public drawing to determine enrollment and waitlists for the 2021-2022 school year!