Consider other people’s wins as well as your own!

Being a leader isn’t some grandiose episode in life. Leadership is doing the next right thing in the moments of life. Many moments of our day can be understood as opportunities for win-win. An abundance mentality improves self-worth and promotes positive relationships.

Win-win means that I …

  • value your needs and desires equally to my own.
  • seek mutual benefit.
  • cooperate rather than compete.
  • use courage and compassion when communicating.

Common (Incorrect) Paradigm

There is only so much, and the more you get, the less there is for me.

Highly Effective Paradigm

There is plenty out there for everyone and more to spare.

Highly Effective Practice

Celebrate other’s wins as well as your own!

At Home:

  • Do chores together.
  • Review the weekly calendar to find time for each person to do things they wish to.
  • Sit knee to knee to discuss challenging situations. 
  • Practice seeking first to understand, then to be understood.
  • Create an affirmation poster to celebrate victories for each member of the family. 

In the Classroom:

  • With student input, review the activity(ies) of the day/week. 
  • Remind students about making deposits in the Relationship Bank Account we have with each other.
  • Start by having a volunteer offer one thing another student did well during the activity/day/week. (Be sure to point out that each student may only receive one compliment.) 
  • Then, the recently complimented student will offer one thing someone else did well during the week.
  • Continue until everyone has given and received one compliment. 
  • Students may answer this prompt in their journals: If you have a relationship that needs improvement, what deposits will you make in the Relationship Bank Account?