Synergy: The sum of the parts is greater than the whole!
5 Steps to Synergy:
  • Define the situation or problem.
  • Listen to their way.
  • Share your way.
  • Brainstorm new ways.
  • Take the high way!
In our families, classrooms, or businesses, synergy builds unity, cooperation, health, and success. The key is to affirm the strengths and struggles of every team player and stick close together to achieve a goal. Synergy is about celebrating different ideas, not tolerating them. It is about teamwork, not me work. Though you may be right, you aren’t always. Most of all, it is about innovation and gleaning from every person involved to create the best.
Another great benefit to synergy is that we won’t have to take on the entire burden of a task. Cyclists who are part of the peloton can save up to 40 percent in energy expenditures compared to a cyclist who is not drafting with the peloton. This is one of the primary purposes of our parent participation with the school. If we work together to raise our children we are much more likely to be effective and not get too exhausted working alone. At AACA, we promote this effort and commit to a patient, persistent, and positive approach to child development. Here are a few ways we can encourage synergy with our children:
Heart – when siblings scuffle, have them play a game together
Mind – alternate between you and your child in the creation of a story
Body – calculate the time it takes to do chores alone versus working together
Soul – talk to your child about the beauty in the sound of a symphony versus a solo
“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller
“When mutual understanding and respect are present, the spirit of synergy inevitably starts to develop.” -Stephen Covey

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