So why does parenting involve so much sacrifice? Is it because it just comes with the job and our children need us? I don’t think so. When we sacrifice we actually gain something! It’s because we want to raise great kids, and we want to nurture a healthy family. Giving up of our time, talents, and treasures is not something to be done in vain or for the sake of being nice. The ultimate goal is to gain something greater than that which was sacrificed. When I give of my time to help one of my children I gain greater respect as a father and a deeper love between us.
Helping our kids to understand this deeper level of sacrifice can help them to do things, not because we said that they ought to, but because they will gain happiness in their relationships with others and greater success in their lives. Goodness should be the goal of sacrifice – not affliction. True sacrifice is never pointless. A sacrificial person should expect to gain in the end at the expense of self and to the wealth of all.
“In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.” – Henry Ward Beecher
Here are a few ways we can sacrifice and win:
Heart: let someone go first.
Mind: give up some play time to practice an academic skill.
Body: help a family member with a chore that isn’t your own.
Soul: consider how your personal talents make you special to our community.
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