“If you can’t see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.” – Nathan
What weather do we choose to live each day? Our choice to smile or grumble is controlled by our personal choice power. “Stuff” happens every day. How we respond to that stuff is in our circle of control. We are certainly influenced by the people and circumstances or life, but our response to them is a choice. Believing that we have a choice and control is the first step toward personal efficacy and empowerment.
One of my jobs as a parent is to get myself out of the job before my child is an adult. I expect that he or she will have the personal strength to handle what life dishes out each day. Teaching our children to think positively and proactively when it comes to learning academics, sports, hobbies, relationships, etc.. can help them to recognize the power they have over their circumstances. Anyone who achieves success in school and life knows how important it is to prioritize and organize studies, work, play, and relationships.
Heart – Assume the best in people.
Mind – Organize a study schedule that gets things done before they are due. Body – Make lunch the night before so that its ready and right for a healthy lifestyle.
Soul – Spend time in the classroom of silence to reflect on the day and consider ways to make tomorrow terrific.
A positive and powerful approach to life is infectious. If someone calls me a knucklehead and I respond with, “you are brilliant and beautiful”, it can stop them in their tracks and help them to realize that their negativity is pointless in the face of positivity. It doesn’t mean to be Pollyanna about things, but adding a negative to a negative only leads to more negative. Adding a positive to a negative reverses things in a positive direction. It’s fascinating to see a grouch put on a smile when someone with a positive disposition gets in their way.
There is a neurological term for eliciting a response from someone with a smile or a frown. The response is called “mirroring”. Mirror neurons exist in our brain that can cause us to smile when someone smiles at us and frown when we frown. A proactive decision to make someone think positively because we are acting or speaking positively has powerful results.
The See – Do – Get Model

The See – Do – Get model of thinking helps us to remember that how we see things; be that our perspective, feelings, or thoughts, will lead us to action (Do) and our actions achieve results (Get). When we don’t achieve the results we hope for it is often a result of an error in how we are seeing things or the actions we hoped would achieve the result. Use this model to help your child recognize that his or her proactive response to life can have dramatic results on their future.
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