I am reminded of the song from Fiddler on the Roof, “Do You Love Me?”. Oops, now I will be humming it all day. 🙂 The husband, Tevye, asks his wife, Golde, “Do you love me?”. He asks her over and over. Her response is a bit fickle while she reminds him that she has washed his clothes for 25 years, cooked his meals, milked his cow, given him children. Yet, he continues to ask, “do you love me?”. Finally, upon reflection, Golde recognizes that taking care of him is a reflection of her love; she acknowledges that she loves him.
Caring is the constant time and energy we put into our relationships, self, and stuff. Ultimately, our care expresses our love and develops the deep relationships we share. As we remind ourselves and our children this week about what caring is, make it simple. Help them to see that the littlest gestures–the frequent efforts, the constant affirmations–these are the caring episodes of life that truly make a difference and provide the life and love that nurtures gratitude in our hearts and willingness in our days to reach out to make our home, school, and community a more pleasant place to live. I asked my daughter this morning what it is that I do as her dad that affirms to her that I care about her. Her response was, “You always hug me”.
Behaviors to Practice This Week
  • Heart – reach out to a friend with a smile and a helping hand.
  • Mind – spend extra time practicing academic skills.
  • Body – give/get 8 hugs a day!
  • Soul – think about the talents you share with others.
“A caring person in your life is like a heartbeat. A heartbeat isn’t visible, but silently supports your life”. – unknown author
“Some people care too much; I think it’s called love.” – Winnie the Pooh
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